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Kids in Preschool




✓ Curriculum

Our Elementary Educational Curriculum is based following the Texas Educational Knowledge Skills (T.E.K.S.) objectives and has been divided in three trimester teaching periods with an assessment done after each trimester. The students are exposed to traditional lessons as well as hands-on experiences, group activities and individual class lesson presentations to reinforce educational concepts.

Our PreK2 through Kinder Curriculums have a combination of Teacher lead lessons and playbase learning concepts which provide a variety of sensory experiences that focus on all learning styles. As the Elementary curriculum; the PreK2 through-Kinder curriculums are also divided into three trimester teaching periods. Each trimester follows educational objectives based on: Social/Emotional, Physical Education,Language, Cognitive Development,Literacy, Mathematics, Social Science Dev, Art, Science and Technology, and the Immersion of  a second and third language. 


✓ Enhancing Speech Development

Our Curriculum is rich in language and vocabulary objectives with activities that encourage students to verbally express their needs, wants and thoughts. Our class schedules provide “time to express” activities where students at their own pace and with the teacher assistance ensure to have the time to verbalize ideas; we offer “choice activities” for students to make decisions and express the reason for their decisions. Our classes provide “Model Language” activities such as Narrative playtime, Small group language development activities, Reading time with open ended questions to follow up, Bingo/Loteria games to introduce and practice vocabulary, and pronunciation exercises.

✓ Inclusion and no discrimination

It is our mission and pride that our students are aware, respectful, and inclusive of our culturally diverse community. Our School has a policy of all inclusion where we ensure that all our students have a sense of belonging, respect and support from our personnel in all areas. It is the policy and commitment of Tohui Language Academy that it does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, sex, national origin, religion, physical or mental disability.


✓ Potty training program

We provide a month base potty training program for new PreK-2 students. With the assistant of our classroom floater, our students are invited to use the toilet every 10 to 15 minutes during school time.They begin to follow daily schedule toileting transition times, where they will go together as a class.This provides our students the opportunity to realize that other friends use the toilet as well. With this program, we encourage our parents to provide us with  enough underwear and extra clothes, as we know at the beginning they tend to have “wet accidents”  often until they learn how to recognize their body needs. We strongly encourage parents to implement the same technique at home for a sooner potty training success.  During nap time and bed time “Pull ups” are acceptable while transitioning to become fully potty trained.


Our Teachers holds Bachelor's degree in education and are native speaker in their respective educational field.

Our teachers' happiness is extremely important to us. Happy teachers = happy children. Our teachers are provided with the support needed to perform to their highest abilities.


The intention is to produce students who are internationally and academically competent to gain successful admission to the best international universities. 

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At the same time, each student will develope confidence from knowing, valuing, and understanding different cultures and languages.


Advanced Academic Core Courses

Our language programs are innovative, captivating, and effective language education for children available anywhere. Now is your chance to give your child the gift of language with the fundamentals of an excellent early education.

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